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Click!  Professional Photography for corporate, healthcare, family and life.

Studio Portraits

  • Studio portraits are by appointment only

  • Appointment should be made at least two days in advance of requested date

  • Studio portraits are $150 each which includes all image management and output

  • Images available within 48 hours after shoot

  • Call 704-377-4777 for scheduling  and studio location

On-Location Portraits

  • Studio set-up at client's office or business

  • Conference room, lobby, or other adequate space required

  • Pricing dependent on number of persons photographed

    • One - $250                      

    • Two - $150 each                                                  

    • Three - $125 each

    • Four or more - $100 each

    • Larger quantity - Price on Request

  • Pricing includes image management and output

  • Delivery 2-4 days, depending on number of portraits

  • Call 704-377-4777 to schedule set-up and session

Studio and Location Portraits

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