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Click!  Professional Photography for corporate, healthcare, family and life.

Welcome to Click!

Thank you for visiting my website!

Click began in 1974 to express my passion for photography. I have worked for a varied clientele including a number of healthcare customers. Assignments have taken me from my base in Charlotte, North Carolina, throughout the region and as far away as Jamaica and Australia.

Primary to my success is this simple truth. I like people! Building a rapport with those around me is important in my efforts to create images. I prefer a more candid or journalistic style in my photography, whether it's a simple PR photo or a heavily lit annual report assignment. I'm excited to capture life's moments each and every day.

As you peruse my website, I hope you will catch a glimpse of that excitement and envision how I can help you make your photos "Click!"

Jim Lockman has the rare ability to scope out, assess, frame, and capture an assignment on time, on budget, every time. In a world of trillions of shutter clicks, Jim delivers more usable images, more choices and more 'Ahhs' than any professional photographer we have worked with.

Keith Andrus


Advertising, Marketing and Design

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