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Click!  Professional Photography for corporate, healthcare, family and life.

"Your looks are not the first impression. How you present your looks is the first impression. Having a professionally created photograph is 'Job 1' when making a favorable impression in the workplace."


Portraits by CLICK make first impressions that last.


With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to capture your most flattering personal image in a brief sitting at your office, home, or our studio location. Using the latest photo management software, we  can create a portrait highlighting your image in the best possible light.


For businesses where executives lack time to leave for a portrait, or for offices with multiple needs for portraits, CLICK will set up a studio in the office or business. Prices for this service are based on the number of people photographed.


Call 704-377-4777 to schedule an appointment or discuss options for your portrait session.


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